About Us

Hello! We are a pair of artists whose art is primarily influenced by the Japanese anime and manga style. We do freelance illustration work and sell our art at various conventions. We also have a small Etsy shop through which we sell some of our art.

We work primarily in digital illustration, using programs such as PaintTool Sai, Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop. We also sometimes use more traditional media such as Copic markers, watercolors, and graphite. Both of us have had some formal art education. Much of our current work focuses on our passion for existing popular Japanese anime series and creating fan art, while we also create more of our own original artwork.

Each year we visit several Anime, Gaming and Japanese pop culture focused conventions. We try to keep an updated list of where we will be going and what events we attend.  We primarily attend south Texas conventions, as we’re based in San Antonio, Texas.

Our work has been used in various convention promotional material for San Japan 1.5 (2008). We have won the art contest for Mizuumi-con‘s program cover for years 4 (2011), 5 (2012), and 8 (2015). We have also run the local Hetalia Day event for

More Info About the Artists

Artist: Jammer Lea
Website: JammerLea.deviantart.com
Jam comes from Coloma, MI which is near the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. She has a fine pedigree of artistic experience spanning a few generations. Her education at Kendall College of Art & Design resulted in a BFA in Digital Illustration. Her strong knowledge in the basics of art lend to her whimsical, dynamic and cute style. She has been a Production Assistant with the comic book publisher Antarctic Press in the past.

Artist: Sammich
Website: artsammich.com, sammich.deviantart.com
Sam is a native Texan who was born and raised in San Antonio. She collaborates often with Jammerlea on art projects, primarily focusing on coloring. She was part of the SaySi art program in high school as well as Advance Placement program art classes.  She has also had some formal college education in art.  She has worked as a Production Assistant with Antarctic Press.