Mini-Mini Con 2017!

So on May 6th, 2017 Jam and I were at Mini-Mini Con!!  We have been to Mini-mini at least two years, so this was the third year attending and tabling.

Mini-mini is unique in that it is promoted by both NineTails and San Japan so because both advertise it and it has guests, vendors, artists and events, it really is a small con squeezed into a mall.  One of the nice things about this con is the free admission for everyone.  It’s very enticing for anyone who is free that day to come down to the mall and enjoy being a geek.

Jamie and I managed to turn out a few new items.  Some new buttons, a print of Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot as well as some Mystery Boxes.  We also happened to put some of my old resin jewelry creations on clearance.  I put out some earrings and rings for a dollar and they sold fairly well.  I intend to sell the remaining amount in our upcoming conventions until we are sold out.

We did sell out of a few items at this convention.  We ran out of the pink macaron cat coin purses.  We also sold out of our Eevee Evolutions print, but we’ll be sure to have more of that one at our next event.

Our next event will be Kawaii Invasion!!  This event will take place of two days in the same mall.  That is, June 3rd and 4th.  We hope it will be a fun time and look forward to possibly introducing more items to our table.

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