San Japan 2016!

San Japan is the largest anime convention in San Antonio and we have attended a good number of them.  We love coming and seeing other attendees, artists, panels, etc.  It’s our home con and we have enjoyed it and are always grateful and happy to see familiar faces as well as new ones.

This year San Japan shifted from being at the start of August to being at the start of September.  It is now on Labor Day weekend.  This past weekend was also a bit rainy and it was reflected in attendance, but not too badly.  2015 saw 18,411 attendees while 2016 had 16,346 (a 2,065 difference).  In addition to this, Artist Alley was juried this year and we were excited to have gotten in!  There were about 142 artists attending, too.

At this con we brought a number of new items, including buttons relating to Voltron and Sailor Moon as well as all the current Eevee evolutions.  We had some “Nyacaron” Macaron kitty themed coin purses in blue and pink, as well as cat-themed sleeping masks.

The year is winding down, in terms of cons, but Jam and I will still host the local Hetalia Day on October 22nd.

We are also going to go to this new-ish event called An Anime Christmas on December 3rd.  That’s pretty much it for this year’s line-up of events.  Though we do look forward to next year!

Otaku Fair (run by Otaku Fellowship Society) should make it debut in 2017 and we’re excited about that, too!

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