Mizuumi-con 2016!

We went to Mizuumi-con 2016 this past weekend. We had a fantastic time and saw a lot of familiar faces. I (Sam) have been going to OLLU’s cons since Zero Day Anime back in 2007. Seeing Mizuumicon now spread to two days was interesting. Saturday was quite busy and there was a lot of energy to the con. We gave away some freebie macaron cat stickers and handed out fliers to anyone wishing to attend Hetalia Day in October. By the end of the day we were out of stickers.

We managed also to sell our new prints from Splatoon and Pokemon, so that was very encouraging! Sunday was, as expected, a bit slower. We got a total of 12 commissions over the weekend, so that was quite fun to do. We also happened to have our table across from voice actor Chuck Huber. We’ve seen him a number of times at other conventions (mostly Realmscon) and have had him sign pictures for us. So this time, we gifted him with a drawing of Austria from Hetalia. He was pretty pleased with it.

Chuck Huber holding his Austria drawing.

Chuck Huber holding his Austria drawing.

We’re quite excited to see where Mizuumi-con will go from here. We plan to try to attend the new con if/when it appears.

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