Fall Season 2017!

Fall is upon us and it seems like things are quiet here! Jam and I were really looking forward to attending Otakufair in November, but there were a number of issues that kind of got in the way and made it impossible.

Firstly, we tried to contact the con staff about payment and it seems there was a mix-up there. They were unable to request table payment until October 16th, which is far too close to the event for us. Jam has to request off at her job at least about 3 weeks or so in advance and have it get approved. By October the 16th we were unsure if the con’s staff were going to request our payment and cement our place at a table, so no request was made at her job. (We only consider our table a sure thing once we pay for it and have receipts, etc.)

Secondly, and a BIG second… I had transitioned into a new job that was 40 hours a week and where I was unable to request days off. Even if Jam had done the event, I could only help out one day of the event that happened to fall on one of my days off. It was far too much to ask of Jam who has a disability (RA) to set up and table alone.

Ultimately we reluctantly declined our table and we are hoping that next year we will be able to snag a table at the next Otakufair. We are also on the look out for future events in the 2018 season!

We are still working on art and plan to have some new stuff out soon. We are also looking into selling prints online.

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